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Simplex Loft Technical Services LLC offers a comprehensive range of architectural aluminium building products and systems for commercial construction entrances, framing systems, windows and curtain wall systems. Since its beginnings twenty years ago, Simplex has been recognized as an innovator. Through the years, we’ve balanced experience with innovation. We’ve listened to our customers, and we are dedicated to providing the tools our customers need to succeed. Our unrivalled team has a wealth of experience working closely with architects, contractors and clients to develop project solutions from their earliest concepts. We are committed to injecting innovation into new product development to ensure our products meet the most exacting engineering and technical standards whilst overcoming sophisticated design challenges. Simplex’s design expertise, combined with aluminium’s flexibility and recyclability, makes our building systems and products the right solutions for today and tomorrow.

Today’s fast paced construction schedules demand it all – design, innovation, flexibility, high quality, fast installation, simplified fabrication and superior performance. Simplex’s curtain wall systems have been designed and engineered to meet these demands and more. Our curtain wall systems have been assessed in accordance with the relevant BS EN and Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) Curtain Wall Standards. Simplex Curtain Wall system provides a unique dry jointed façade solution. We offer the specifier a wide choice in terms of size and shape of shades to suit individual project needs.

Thermal Characteristics

Overall curtain wall thermal performance is a function of the glazing infill panel, the frame, construction behind opaque (spandrel and column cover) areas, and the perimeter details. Curtain wall frame conductance is a function of the frame material, geometry and fabrication (e.g. thermal break).

Thermal Bridging

Aluminum has a very high thermal conductivity. It is common practice to incorporate thermal breaks of low conductivity materials, traditionally PVC, Neoprene rubber, polyurethane and more recently polyester-reinforced nylon, for improved thermal performance.

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Water penetration resistance is a function of glazing details (see Glazing), frame construction and drainage details, weatherstripping and frame gaskets, interior sealants (for operable windows, see Windows), and perimeter flashings and seals.

Water penetration resistance

Water can enter the exterior wall system by means of five different forces: gravity, kinetic energy, air pressure difference, surface tension, and capillary action. To mitigate water infiltration, all of these forces must be accounted for in the system design.

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The acoustic performance of curtain walls is primarily a function of the glazing and internal seals to stop air leakage (covered elsewhere). The sound attenuation capability of curtain walls can be improved by installing sound attenuating infill and by making construction as airtight as possible.


Incorporating different thicknesses of glass in an insulated glass unit will also help to mitigate exterior noise. This can be accomplished by increasing the thickness of one of the lites of glass or by incorporating a laminated layer of glass with a noise-reducing interlayer, typically a polyvinyl butyral or PVB.

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Simplex Loft, since its inception, has worked on many prestigious projects. These range from Airports, to 5-Star Hotels, Commercial Office buildings, and Architectural bridges.


Our Core Values

We pride ourselves in maintaining a professional relationship with all our Clients. Our team does their best to ensure that the Service we provide is in line with the Clients requirements.

Our Clients Say

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel is the world’s second tallest hotel, a 72-storey, 355 m (1,165 ft) twin-tower skyscraper complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The AED1.8 billion complex features a 1,608-room hotel run by Marriott International.

JW Marriott - Unique example of Glazing work

A project that spans across multiple cities consisting of 18 buildings. Executed by Simplex with a period of 15 months. An excellent Contractor to work with.

MC12 - Curtain Wall Experts

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Simplex is uniquely placed to provide the best solutions to our Clients at an extremely lucrative price point. Our many years or experience has given us the expertise to identify the most cost effective solutions.


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Over the many years we’ve been in operations, we have had the opportunity to work with a varying spectrum of Organizations. Some experiences good, whilst others not so much. We have short-listed a few of the exceptional Companies we have been fortunate to work with.

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Since its beginnings twenty years ago, Simplex has been recognized as an innovator. Through the years, we’ve balanced experience with innovation. We’ve listened to our customers!


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