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Glazing Specialists

Simplex Loft offers a comprehensive range of architectural aluminium & glazing products and services. Our state-of-the-art fabrication, large equipment fleet and professional personnel allow us to achieve the highest quality standards. We are focused on specialized aluminium architectural products  and services and on providing the clients with best engineering solution, design and installation of all types of facade system. We use latest software technology for designing and detailing for complicated structures.

We have listened to our customers, and we are dedicated to providing the tools our customers need to succeed. Our team has a wealth of experience working closely with architects, contractors and clients to develop project solutions from their earliest concepts. We are committed to injecting innovation into new product development to ensure our products meet the most exacting engineering and technical standards whilst overcoming sophisticated design challenges.

Over the years, we grew, collaborated with the industry leaders and today we stand proud of our achievements in the field of enclosure design and application. Through our humble beginnings, we realized the value of teamwork and the monumental input of every member of our team, the roles they play and the impossibility of achieving the task without each & every member on board. The success of our company rests in our commitment to our customers, fulfilling their needs, and ensuring that the works done by us, get our attention even after completion. With a strong foundation, and our commitment to this industry, and our ability to work with related industries, due to our vast experience in the construction field, we ensure a successful and comfortable transition of the project to the client.


We are specialized in two-way, four-way glazed and conventional stick system of curtainwall design and spider and fin glass system of glass facade. Our primary curtainwall systems are Gulf Extrusion and  Arabian Extrusion systems in addition to that we also provide following European curtainwall systems such as ESC, Alumil and Gutmann. We strictly adhere to technical and aesthetical requirements of our clients. We also design specialized type of curtainwall with Steel, Curved glass as per project requirement.

We provide thermal break as well as non thermal break doors and windows, which are available in hinged, sliding, top hung, bottom hung (swing type) and frameless doors. our range also includes folding doors, automatic doors and revolving doors matching the concept of glazing and type of entrances. We design, fabricate and install all above types as per client requirement.


ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble. The core is commonly low density polyethylene, or a mix of low density polyethylene and mineral material to exhibit fire retardant properties. These panels are extensively used as a cost-effective  option that appears to be modern, but cheaper than Glass Curtain walls. It is easier to maintain, clean and easier to replace, since it is installed as individual panels. Most efficient sandwich design with respect to mechanical performance and weight.

At Simplex Loft, we guarantee best ACP cladding services par excellence, ensuring a smooth exterior finish without any bends and imperfections. We offer fire rated panels conforming to industry requirements according to the type and design of commercial buildings. Some of the standard brands of ACP panels we use for the projects are Alucobond, Alubond and Aluplex.

ACP cladding sheets have the great property of customization options. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colors made from PVDF coatings. It can be bent and cut easily and shaped into complex shapes according to the requirement. Easy installation and fabrication save cost and time of construction.

Key features of this product are attractive designs, durability, high tolerance and easy installation to name a few. Its application areas include exterior cladding, column covers, canopies, sunshades, cornices and many more.


Simplex Loft offers a wide range of louvre systems that cater to a variety of requirements such as ventilation, shading and architectural aesthetic requirements. We can provide any range of louvers that can be built into walls, similar to glazed systems, incorporated with curtainwall system, or as separate individual structure and Aluminium louver for roof-top, substations, equipment enclosures and garbage room.

Our product range includes air louvers, wall louvers, architectural louvers, sandtrap louvers, louver panels and louver doors, etc.

The primary function of aluminium louvers in-wall installation is the passage of air while blocking unwanted elements entering the building. According to the application, one can choose the type of louver. Aluminium louvers are used as vision barriers to cover rooftops and to create privacy or to hide unsightly things.

We provide long-lasting, smooth finished, elegant louvers that are customized to serve specific needs of clients.


At Simplex we can fabricate and install wide choice of Entrance Canopies that allows you to create welcoming entrance areas which also add a stylish architectural feature to your building, and create the perfect look and feel to match your retail or commercial building’s exterior. From small over-the-door canopies, to large free-standing structures our entrance canopies to make your building stand out from the crowd.
We can install all kinds of architectural canopies with ACP Cladded canopy, Glazed Entrance Canopies, Cantilevered Canopy and Louvered Canopy for all types of projects (Residential and Commercial Buildings).We can offer a solution to any Entrance Canopy requirements.

We have been installing high-quality aluminium pergolas for many years and have the knowledge and skill to complete a seamless installation for you. We fabricate and install pergolas that are based on an aluminum frame, whether they are freestanding or attached to the facade. Aluminum is more resistant to weather and require less maintenance than those made of wood or other materials.

You are guaranteed nothing short of excellence when you choose Simplex Loft as your supplier and installer. It is important to us that your aluminium pergola perfectly suits your needs and budget.


Simplex Loft offers various designs of glass and aluminium handrails with a wide-ranging choice of railing and balustrade. We fabricate and install handrail as per client requirement. We offer glass handrail incorporated with top rail and base or posts made of aluminium or stainless steel and we also offer frameless glass balustrade railing for seamless vision for balconies, rooftops and for infinity pools. We have an array of glass balustrade systems available, which are manufactured from different materials to suit your requirements. Some are manufactured from laminated glass whilst others are made from toughened glass, it’s simply a matter of finding something suitable for your requirements.

Simplex Loft offers cleanly-designed, high-quality handrails, cap rails, posts and railing bases, for both fascia and top installation are available for every possible interior or exterior space. We can build railings systems of different length, height, complexity and materials.


Simplex provides architectural beautification and long-standing appeal of buildings with aluminium metal façade for external envelope. We offer a range of innovative decorative aluminium metal facade cladding which included project specific design made with aluminium profiles, mashrabiya, aluminium perforated panels, Sunshades and laser cut aluminium panels to name a few. Once again, the choice of colors is endless with RAL series, anodized or Wood effects to choose from. We fabricate and install any complex designs of aluminium structure for various architectural purposes.


Exterior Metal Facade

  • Decorative Aluminium Metal Facade with Aluminium Profiles,
  • Mashrabiya
  • Aluminium Perforated Panels,
  • Sunshades
  • Laser cut Aluminium Panels.

Architectural metal facade is a great way to enhance the exterior of your building. We understand that clients have a different requirement when it comes to designing the face of their building. At Simplex Loft we offer a complete range of façade services, from design conception through to facade completion.

Our expert team utilizes the latest software and 3D design system for designing an appropriate design that matches the expectations of our client.

If you need, any help regarding exterior designs or contracting services, you can contact us and we will happily serve you in this interest you can confidently depend on our facade expertise.

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