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Curtain-wall systems are typically designed with extruded aluminum frame filled with colored vision glass and spandrel panels and also combined with other cladding materials such as ACP or stone cladding, which provides an architecturally pleasing distinct building facade whilst achieving daylight benefits. Curtain walls are key component of commercial building envelope from major high-rise office towers to residential buildings, commercial spaces and villas as well.

Simplex offers a range of aesthetical building envelope solutions. our wide range of aluminium facades can offer solutions based on the consultant technical requirements and the architectural concepts. From residential villas to larger commercial building projects, hotels and resorts, Simplex has a competent workforce to deliver on every single undertaking. We execute the tasks at high speed while maintaining the quality of the work executed. We provide Curtain Wall design, fabrication and installation services. Our designs can range from industrial to minimalistic, and everything in between.

If your building needs a special solution and high-quality execution Simplex Loft can customize as per the specifications provide you with solutions. Whether the glass curtain elements require pre-assembling or building up element by element, we are well-equipped to handle any assignment.


Simplex offer façade system that are designed fabricated and installed to suit variety of performance and aesthetic requirements. As one team, we work to identify and deliver outstanding value in a manner that will result in high quality, safe, more efficient, and competitive construction outcomes.

Our aluminium façade products are available in different colors and finishes for both inside and outside, ranging from a matt, gloss or anodized finish, to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coat finish, even a realistic wood effect is also available.

Our team can construct aluminium curtain walls with seamless and coherent integration for various kinds of doors, sun screening systems, windows, offering a complete solution for your facade.  Our aluminium structural glazing brings seamless glass sections that help produce a breathtaking appearance.

Aluminium And Glazing curtainwall varieties provided by Simplex

  • Stick Curtain Wall – 4-way capped
  • Stick Curtain Wall – 2-way structural glazing
  • Stick Curtain Wall – 4-way structurally glazed.
  • Spider Curtain Wall with glass fin


Spider glazing is a modern and practical solution for exterior high end glass structure with point fixed glazing comprising of stainless-steel spider fittings.  Often used for variety of canopies and frameless glass entrances. Spider glazing is a very flexible and contemporary design medium that can create designs with vast expanse of glass, frame-less entrances and canopies. The spider glazing can be designed and fixed with either 2-way spiders or 4-way stainless steel spiders fitting options. Fin glass support could also be used.

Spider glazing allows full penetration of natural light into the interiors, certain types of glass prevent the absorption of UV light. Spider glazing is easy to install and maintain. Transparency and brightness are the key aspects of spider glass façade. The façade acquires high-tech architectural design  based on typically stainless-steel fixed points. Single glazing or double glazing may be adopted with varying thickness calculated according requirement.

The building will have thus a near transparent façade. In addition to providing environmental benefits, it is designed to improve the aesthetics of any building and add a stunning design element.

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Cladding

At Simplex, we guarantee best ACP cladding services par excellence. We offer fire rated panels conforming to the industry requirements. We ensure a smooth exterior finish without any bends and imperfections. ALUCOBOND, ALUPEX and ALUBOND are the some of the standard brands of ACP panels we use for our projects, unless specified by the customer.


ACP cladding sheets have the great property of customization options. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colors made from PVDF coatings. It can be bent and cut easily and shaped into complex shapes according to the requirement. Easy installation and fabrication save cost and time of construction.

Key features of this product are attractive designs, durability, high tolerance and easy installation to name a few.


Its application areas include exterior cladding, column covers, canopies, sunshades, cornices and many more At Simplex Loft, we guarantee best ACP cladding services, ensuring a smooth exterior finish without any imperfections. We offer fire rated panels conforming to industry requirements according to the type and design of project. Some of the standard brands of ACP panels we use for the projects are Alucobond, Alubond and Aluplex.


Architectural metal facade is a great way to enhance the exterior of a building. An ideal solution for external or internal wall covering providing distinct aesthetic feature to any building. Metal Façade is suitable for airport, shopping mall, parking building, hospitals, hotel, residential or commercial buildings, villas and roof cladding to name a few.

Simplex Loft offers tailor-made Architectural Aluminium façade Systems for every requirement in the creation of decorative metal facade used to enhance exterior and interior spaces creating striking architectural effect.  Our design team can turn any sketch to a state of art façade designed to aesthetically enhance any space.

Aluminium Metal Façade Range offered by Simplex

  • Aluminium Metal Façade
  • Perforated Screen
  • Expanded Metal Mesh



We’re offering high-end custom-made solutions such as architectural aluminium fins, aluminium slats, architectural louver and sunshade. These products are fully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the client.

Metal façade designed to give the building an aesthetic feature. A few examples of available louver systems are: Extruded Box louvers with fixing system, sand trap louvers, aero foil, twisted, curved and Screens. The aluminium façade profiles are available in powder coated in any RAL color or natural wood finish or anodized finish.


We offer a large variety of perforated aluminium panels systems. The sheets can have a variety of different perforation patterns and perforation sizes in the panel. Custom perforation can provide owners or designers to create better art-work.


Metal Mesh Panel provides an open and transparent vision and this can use in a variety of architectural designs.



Simplex Loft offers a wide range of aluminium louver systems that cater to a variety of requirements such as ventilation, shading and architectural aesthetic requirements. We can provide range of louvers that can be built into walls, similar to glazed systems, incorporated with curtainwall façade, or as separate individual structure and Aluminium louver for roof-top, substations, equipment enclosures and garbage room.


Our product range includes air louvers, wall louvers, architectural louvers, sand trap louvers, louver panels and louver doors, etc. long-lasting, smooth finished, elegant louvers that are customized to serve specific needs of clients. Aluminium blinds are made from high-quality aluminium profiles, which have high strength and high corrosion resistance. aluminium louver can better adapt to the harsh environment such as hot and humid, corrosive and salt mist.


The primary function of aluminium louvers in-wall installation is the passage of air while blocking unwanted elements entering the building. Aluminium louvers are used as vision barriers to cover rooftops and to create privacy or to hide unsightly things. According to the application, the type of louver blades can be selected.

Aluminium blinds are mainly used for outdoor stair decoration, air conditioning ventilation, workshop ventilation and rain prevention and other places. The ordinary louver is mainly used for decorative ventilation, which has little requirements for blade spacing.

Railings & Handrails

Simplex Loft offers cleanly-designed, high-quality handrails, cap rails, posts and railing bases, for both fascia and top installation are available for every possible interior or exterior space. We can build railings systems of different length, height, complexity and materials.


Railing is used at the balcony and staircases as a combination of aluminum, glass & stainless steel. Our highly qualified team of design engineers and fabricators ensures that each railing design we produce meets the highest quality standards in structure and beauty Structural calculations will be conducted to verify the glass thickness. The glass will be used in single heat soaked tested or laminated glass. Moreover, the glass always used in railing is laminated safety glass with exposed polished edges, as well as clear and etched glass which provide color and custom patterns.


The finishes of the top railing can be stainless steel or Aluminum coated by Kynar or powder coating or anodized finish.  Simplex Loft offers various designs of glass and aluminium handrails with a wide-ranging choice of railing and balustrade. We fabricate and install handrail as per client requirement. We offer glass handrail incorporated with top rail and base made of aluminium or stainless steel and we also offer frameless glass balustrade railing for seamless vision balconies and rooftops and for infinity pools. We have an array of glass balustrade systems available, which are manufactured from different materials to suit your requirements. Some are manufactured from laminated glass whilst others are made from toughened glass, it’s simply a matter of finding something suitable for your requirements.


Pergola is trending outdoor feature. Pergolas are a wide and open structure with four support beams, without any walls. Screens, perforated sheet in varied designs or slats can be added to the roof or walls. A pergola can serve a variety of purposes, depending on the client’s requirements. forming a shaded walkway, passageway or a sitting area composed of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams. it may also be an extension of a building or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions.


We offer a full range of powder coated aluminum pergolas of high-quality and seamless installation.  We offer powder coated aluminium pergola with wood finish as well. We fabricate and install pergolas that are based on an aluminum frame, whether they are freestanding or attached to the facade. Aluminum is more resistant to weather and require less maintenance than those made of wood or other materials.



The mashrabiya is an element of traditional Arabic architecture, it is most commonly used on the commercial or residential buildings, residential villas and to also cover an open space of parking, overhead pedestrian bridges, designed fencing to cover mechanical structures in the township, malls or other commercial buildings.


At Simplex we design, fabricate and install wide choice of entrance canopies that allows you to create welcoming entrance areas which also add a stylish architectural feature to your building and create the perfect look and feel to match your retail or commercial building’s exterior. From small over-the-door canopies, to large free-standing structures our entrance canopies to make your building stand out from the crowd.


We can install all kinds of architectural canopies with ACP cladded canopy, Glazed Entrance Canopies, Cantilevered Canopy and Louvered Canopy for all types of projects (Hotels, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, and shopping malls etc.). we can offer a solution to any Entrance Canopy requirement.

We design entrance canopies to be stylish yet practical and functional. Entrance canopies are constructed in a variety of materials and shapes to suit different buildings


We design entrance canopies to be stylish and functional. Entrance canopies are constructed in a variety of materials and shapes to suit different buildings.


A skylight is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes by providing effective internal lighting. Skylights allow natural light to penetrate through the roof and it create spacious and open architecture. It is an environmentally friendly solution for bringing light into residential or commercial buildings saving energy.

Simplex provides the most energy-efficient design, fabrication and installation of commercial, residential and bespoke aluminium skylights ensuring high quality and functionality.


We manufacture of skylights with flat, unconventional surfaces and lightweight structures. Skylight glazing can be transparent or tinted high performance double or triple glazed units with laminated glass at the inner layer as required.

We can provide comprehensive range of glass and aluminium skylight using the latest technology and highest level of quality.  Skylight are widely used in designing day light visibility for residential or commercial buildings.


Skylight gives an interesting feature by giving aesthetic look to the building as an architectural feature. The shapes of sky lights can be used as a straight or curved as it is considered as a distinctive architectural advantage.

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